Angular JS Training


Imagine a toolbox that has all the little knickknacks that help you build a complex system that is robust and has superb functionality. Once such toolbox or framework in the world of Single Page Applications is Angular JS. Its functionalities such as 2-way data binding, templates, full testing environment, server communication, deep-linking and others help building complex HTML based client applications.

Our workshop uses a comprehensive approach to teach you the basics such as the JavaScript MVC Framework, the concept of Angular JS and its uses and then the more advanced concepts of Dependency injection, mean stack with Mongo, angular-ui, ng-grid and angular-translate and others.

With loads of practical assignments and a live-application project at the end of the workshop, you will learn to work with AngularJS mean stack and NodeJS and develop front-ends that are unique and dynamic.

  • JavaScript MVC Framework
  • AngularJS & its Uses
  • Dependency Injection
  • Controllers, Two Way Binding
  • Routes, Nested Routes, Directives, Filters
  • Custom Directive and Isolate scopes in Directive
  • Custom Filters creation
  • Modules and their uses
  • Angular-ui, ng-grid and angular-translate
  • Node and Yo Generator
  • Mean stack and its use in Mongo
  • Rest APIs
From the course:
The course aims to teach:
  • How to become a proficient Full-stack Developer
  • Learn to build rich user interface web applications
  • Learn about high end features such as data binding, scope management, form validation, routing, i18n etc
  • Get access to a number of resources online backed up by Google engineers
  • Use it as a complete solution for rapid front-end development
  • Create custom filters and custom Directive and Isolate scopes in Directive

There is no Certification offered for this course. On successful completion of the course, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate from Bacancy Trainings.


There are no prerequisites for attending this workshop but a basic knowledge of HTML, database programming and the internet will be of help.

This course is apt for Web Developers, Project Managers, Software Architects & Testing Professionals who are keen to enhance their knowledge of building SPA and rich client applications by consuming REST APIs.

Q. Can you tell me regarding the Training?


Developed by Google engineers, AngularJS has become popular as a comprehensive web application that is a one-in-all solution for building client-site apps. Easy to learn and quick to launch, its ability to work independently without any other plugins and frameworks makes it more adoptable.

Q. Who can benefit from this course?


Our course covers all the fundamentals along with extensive practical work that will make you an expert on AngularJS and increase your career prospects.

Q.How we can register for the training?


You can register through online, we will provide online registration link you can use that link and do registration for the same.

Q.There is any group discount?


Yes, if you will be coming with 5 people we will give you 10% discount.

Q. What is training Timing & venue?


Training time will be 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM and venue will be communicated according to locations.

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