Microsoft Project 2013

During this workshop, you will be introduced to and provided with guidance and instruction on the practical, efficient and effective use of the Microsoft® Project 2013 client software.

You will gain valuable insight through this course content and approach which are rich in tips, tricks, best practices, and how-tos.

Learn how to leverage Microsoft® Project 2013 throughout the process of managing a project (or multiple projects with a master project file, as is the case with programs).
Develop initial forecasts quickly; elaborate on those forecasts during and throughout your projects execution phase; manage change; track and control your project commitments; communicate and report your projects delivery status and resource and requirements with ease and accuracy, and ensure continuous improvement by closing out your project by updating your templates to incorporate lessons learned, accordingly.

A 200-page course manual is provided that encapsulates and guides your training, consisting of 5 modules spanning over 20 detailed sections. Project files used in demonstrations are also included. Time is allotted for hands-on practice session which gives participants an opportunity to try, to explore, and to ask questions on the various topics covered. In addition, a 100-day access will be granted after your initial login to the on-line course.

This course prepares those interested in writing Microsofts®74-343 certification exam: “Managing Projects with Microsoft® Project 2013″. In-class simulated practice exam questions are provided after each module to help participants evaluate their comfort and understanding.

This Microsoft® Project 2013 course consists of the following content:

Module 1: Initialize a Project

  • Customize option settings
  • Create a new project
  • Create and maintain calendars
  • Create custom fields

Module 2:
Create a Task-Based Schedule
  • Setup project information
  • Create and modify a project task structure
  • Create a user-controlled schedule
  • Build a logical schedule model
  • Manage multiple projects

Module 3:
Manage Resources and Assignments
  • Enter and edit resource information
  • Create and edit resource assignments
  • Manage resource allocation
  • Manage resource allocations by using Team Planner
  • Model project costs

Module 4:
Track and Analyze a Project
  • Set and maintain baselines
  • Update actual progress
  • Compare progress against a baseline
  • Resolve potential schedule problems
  • Display Critical Path information

Module 5:
Communicate Project Information
  • Apply and customize views
  • Share data with other applications
  • Configure and display reports and dashboards
  • Connect and share data with SharePoint
  • Extend Project 2013
From the course:

Students will learn to :

  • Set up Microsoft® Office Project 2013, create project goals and schedules
  • Work with estimates , tasks and resources
  • Set up deadlines, dependencies, constraints, and task completion calendars
  • Analyse project progress using comparisons to a baseline
  • Create custom formats of Microsoft® Project views
  • Share data with other applications
  • Track progress of projects
  • Construct project reports with efficient analyses of project, resource, and task data
  • Manage multiple projects simultaneously, from start to finish

From the workshop:
  • Blended learning (Classroom + e-learning)
  • 100 days free online access
  • E-learning content covering all 5 modules of MS Project 2013
  • Overview of Microsoft® Project 2007/10
  • 45 PDUs (upon completion of total 45 hours of training) towards CCR for existing PMP Certified Professionals
  • A 200 page course manual for managing projects using MS Project 2013 with Exercises, Case Study & Handouts

There is no Certification offered for this course. On successful completion of the course, you will receive a 35 Hrs Course Completion Certificate.

This course is for you, if one or more of these apply:


  • You want to learn how to use the latest Microsoft® Project 2013 client software effectively.
  • You are a Project management professional looking to improve your skill sets.
  • You want to learn new tricks, tips, best practices, and how to effectively leverage this tool.
  • You are interested in preparing for the Microsoft’s 74-343 certification exam: “Managing Projects with Microsoft® Project 2013″.

Project Management Professionals such as:


  • Project managers and project engineers
  • Delivery managers
  • Program managers
  • Project controllers and project planners
  • Project coordinators and project management consultants
  • Information Systems (IS) and Technology managers

Q. Can you tell explains me regarding the Training?


The program helps you leverage Microsoft® Project 2013 throughout the process of managing a project (or multiple projects with a master project file, as is the case with programs).

Q. What are eligibility criteria for attending the training?


No eligibility

Q. I am not projector manager just I handle project as a team member so am I eligible for this?


Yes, you are eligible for this, this is not mandatory that you should have only Project Manager Designation. If you are working as a team lead for just participating in project that will also count as a project management experience.

Q. Will you provide 35 contact hours certificate?


Yes, we provide 35 contact hours certificate.

Q.How we can register for the training?


You can register through online, we will provide online registration link you can use that link and do registration for the same.

Q.There is any group discount?


Yes, if you will be coming with 5 people we will give you 10% discount.

Q. What is training Timing & venue?


Training time will be 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM and venue will be communicated according to locations.