Online Agile Estimating and Planning Training


Agile Project planning is collaborative and involves the team in the planning and decision making process. For any agile project to be successful, project managers and team members alike must have a thorough understanding of estimation and planning tools and techniques. While the agile process is flexible and adapts itself to change, accurate and reliable planning is still possible within the framework of the agile methodology.
Agile Estimation and Planning course will give you a solid base in agile iteration planning, and aid you in understanding various estimation tools that support iterative processes. Proper use of these tools and techniques will help accomplish tasks smoothly and complete the project successfully, with measurable savings on both time and resources.
Using real-world examples gleaned from experience, our trainers will help you understand agile estimating and planning practices and how they work. Participants will leave the workshop with new insights and attitudes, and will be able to prove themselves through significantly improved project completion results back at their workplace.
  • The purpose of planning
  • How to estimate size and time requirements
  • Units of estimation
  • Techniques for estimating and planning
  • Re-estimation procedures
  • Sprint planning
  • Release and iteration planning
  • Final tips and techniques

From the course:


  •  Get an introduction to Agile methods
  •  Traditional planning and estimating vs the Agile methods
  •  How to implement Agile estimating and planning principles
  •  Work with the Agile Lifecycle Diagram
  •  Learn about Affinity Sizing, Poker Planning, Complexity Buckets, and Ideal Days
  •  Learn about re-estimation and calibration processes
  •  Real-world case studies and examples
  •  Release and Iteration planning

From the workshop :


  • High quality training from an industry expert
  • Earn 8 PDUs and 8 SEUs (Scrum Educational Units. Earn 70 SEUs and become a Certified Scrum Professional!)
  • Course Completion Certificates
  • 100 Days Free Online Training access to Agile and Scrum

There is no Certification offered for this course. On successful completion of the course, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate from Bacancy Trainings

  • Project Managers
  • Developers
  • Product Owners
  • Managers-Software development
  • Architects-Software development
  • Product Managers
  • Software Developers
  • Software Coders
  • Software Testers
  • Team Leads/Team Members/anyone interested in working and thinking in an Agile manner and/or learning more about the Principles of Scrum and leading Agile projects

Q. Can you tell explains me regarding the Training?


As the world turns Agile, the need for Agile professionals is on the rise. A course completion certificate from us will certify you as being an expert on the principles of Agile and Scrum.

Q. What is the eligibility for this training program?


Whether you are a developer, engineer, student or entrepreneur wanting to know more about Agile & Scrum, you can pursue this course.

Q.How we can register for the training?


You can register through online, we will provide online registration link you can use that link and do registration for the same.

Q.There is any group discount?


Yes, if you will be coming with 5 people we will give you 10% discount.

Q. What is training Timing & venue?


Training time will be 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM and venue will be communicated according to locations.