ISO 9001 Quality Foundation Certification Training Course – Live Instructor Led Training


In today’s market, corporates have to constantly prove their commitment to quality by providing products that meet customer demands and satisfy statutory and regulatory requirements. Only by including processes that support continuous improvement and assuring conformity can organizations rise above competition and ensure business continuity. The ISO 9001 specifies the requirements for a quality management system, and professionals with the knowledge of these standards are able to bring about internal management and operational processes in the organization.

Bacancy Trainings helps you prepare for the ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems certification provided by PEOPLECERT where candidates will gain the knowledge required to understand the content and requirements of the international standard ISO/IEC 9001: Quality Management Systems. With comprehensive courseware, in‐depth exercises, and training from experienced professionals, participants can aim for a first time clearance of the examination and apply the ISO 9001 standard to achieve strategic goals on a daily basis and comply with global best practices for Quality Management.

Category Ref Knowledge Set
QMS-1.1 Process Approach, Scope, Terms and Definitions QMS-1.1.1 Scope of ISO/IEC 20000
QMS-1.1.2 Scope of ISO/IEC 9001
QMS-1.1.3 Application of the ISO 9001 Standard
QMS-1.1.4 ISO 9000:2008 – Fundamentals and Vocabulary
QMS-1.2 Quality Management System QMS-1.2.1 General Requirements
QMS-1.2.2 General Documentation Requirements
QMS-1.2.3 Quality Manual
QMS-1.2.4 Control of Documents
QMS-1.2.5 Control of Records
QMS-1.3 Management Responsibility QMS-1.3.1 Management Commitment
QMS-1.3.2 Customer Focus
QMS-1.3.3 Quality Policy
QMS-1.3.4 Quality Objectives
QMS-1.3.5 Quality Management System Planning
QMS-1.3.6 Responsibility and authority
QMS-1.3.7 Management Representative
QMS-1.3.8 Internal Communication
QMS-1.3.9 Management Review
QMS-1.4 Resource Management QMS-1.4.1 Provision of resources
QMS-1.4.2 Human Resources
QMS-1.4.3 Infrastructure
QMS-1.4.4 Work Environment
QMS-1.5 Product Realization QMS-1.5.1 Planning of product realization
QMS-1.5.2 Customer-related processes
QMS-1.5.2 Customer-related processes
QMS-1.5.3 Design and development
QMS-1.5.4 Purchasing
QMS-1.5.5 Production and service provision
QMS-1.5.6 Control of monitoring and measuring equipment
QMS-1.6 Measurement, analysis and improvement QMS-1.6.1 General requirements
QMS-1.6.2 Monitoring and Measurement
QMS-1.6.3 Control of nonconforming product
QMS-1.6.4 Analysis of data
QMS-1.6.5 Improvement
QMS-1.7 Quality Management System Auditing QMS-1.7.1 Auditing principles
QMS-1.7.2 Auditing best practices
QMS-1.7.3 Study cases
Exam preparation and sample test/sample questions
From the course:
As this is the Foundation level course, candidates will be introduced to the principles and core elements of the ISO/IEC 9001 standard for Quality Management Systems, and more specifically:
  • ISO/IEC 9001:2008: the standard which defines the requirements for a Quality Management System.
  • ISO/IEC 9000:2008: which deals with the fundamentals of quality management systems.

Holders of PEOPLECERT’s ISO 9001: Quality Management Systems Foundation Certification will be able to demonstrate their knowledge, ability, competence and understanding in:

  • Definitions and principles of quality management in accordance with ISO/IEC 9001.
  • Objectives and requirements in each section of the specification.
  • Scope, aims and use of the ISO/IEC 9001 Specification and Code of Practice.
  • Processes and objectives of ISO/IEC 9001 and Quality management (QM).
  • Fundamental requirements for a quality management system (QMS).  Eligibility and scoping statement requirements.
  • Requirements of the quality management system and the Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle.
  • How assessments, reviews and internal audits of quality Management systems against the requirements of the standard are used.
  • Application of the requirements in an organization.

From the workshop:

  • 16 hours training
  • Downloadable courseware
  • ISO 9001 exam voucher
  • End-to-end support via phone, email and chat
  • Gain thorough knowledge on applying QMS for organizational excellence
Eligibility: There are no prerequisites for attending this workshop or the exam. But it is recommended that participants have at least a basic knowledge of quality management concepts and terminology and have undertaken this training before appearing for the exam.
The ISO 9001 Foundation Certification Exam focuses on Knowledge and Comprehension categories of the Bloom’s Taxonomy. Knowledge is defined as recalling previously learned material, from facts to theories and represents the lowest level of learning outcomes in the cognitive domain. Assessment objectives would include knowing and recalling:
  • Common and/or basic terms, definitions, concepts and principles
  • Specific compliance requirements and facts
  • Processes, procedures and assessment methods

Comprehension is the lowest level of understanding and entails the ability to grasp the meaning of the material taught, including some sort of interpretation, translation or estimation during the process. Assessment objectives would include knowing and recalling:

  • Understanding facts, concepts and principles
  • Interpreting material (i.e. charts, graphs, text)
  • Justifying a Process, procedure and assessment method

This qualification is the first level of the ISO 9001 certification scheme provided by PEOPLECERT, and is aimed at anyone working within a service provider organization (internally or externally) who may require to have and demonstrate a solid knowledge and understanding of the ISO/IEC 9001 standard and its content. The certification can also cater for candidates seeking personal certification, also in regards to their knowledge and understanding of the requirements and the content of the standard.

Q. Can you tell me regarding the Training?


ISO 9001 specifies the adoption of a quality management system and helps an organization uphold quality values by consistently providing products that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. Hence professionals who can help an organization wholly integrate the ISO processes are in much demand. This Foundation training will help you achieve the credential that is a reflection of your competence in applying the ISO 9001 Quality Management System to achieve organizational excellence through continuous improvement.

Q. Who can benefit from this course?


This qualification is the first level of the ISO 9001 certification scheme provided by PEOPLECERT, and is aimed at anyone working within a service provider organization (internally or externally) who may require to have and demonstrate a solid knowledge and understanding of the ISO/IEC 9001 standard and its content.

Q.How we can register for the training?


You can register through online, we will provide online registration link you can use that link and do registration for the same.

Q.There is any group discount?


Yes, if you will be coming with 5 people we will give you 10% discount.

Q. What is training Timing & venue?


Training time will be 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM and venue will be communicated according to locations.