Project Management Professional : All You Need To Know

I am writing this blog to give guidance for the aspiring professionals, who would like to know more about Project Management Professional (PMP) for examination. As there are many Professionals who are looking for an accurate PMP guidance, so I thought to write a blog post and give my readers detailed and accurate information about the PMP Certification exam, since I cleared my PMP in first attempt.

Why a professional qualification?

However,we are skilled in different disciplines of technically, but still we have acquired the skills of Project Management by experience.It is always good to get qualified in Project Management concepts, which will declare that you are qualified project managers. It is also an opportunity to know, assimilate and understand international principles and practice of project management. This professional qualification course is to give you professional guidance to manage the project constraints ofScope, Cost, Time and Quality. It also gives us an opportunity to align our practical knowledge with international practice. Project Management Certification is slowly changing from ‘Good to have’ status to ‘ Must have’ for a Project Managers due to the expanding awareness of Project management profession worldwide.

About the PMP Exam

PMP credential examination is conducted by the Project Management Institute of USA. PMP examination is primarily based on an American National Standard titled PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) Guide and the current is V, published in December 2012 and became effective from 31st July 2013.

PMP exam is an objective type multi choice 4 hour examination with 200 questions. Among the 200 only 175 will be considered for the score, while the remaining are seeding questions Exam scores will be indicated by proficiency level of Below Proficient, Moderately Proficient and Proficient in all the five domains. Five domains are the 5 Process Groups of Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring & Control and Close Out and the Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct. Overall Pass/ Fail is decided based on the number of questions answered and by psychometric analysis, the credential handbook says.

Questions will be of many types, which are based on ITTO (Input Tools & Techniques and Output) of PMBOK, situational PM questions, General Management concepts, Concept definitions, Numericals, Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct etc.

PMP examination is of two types, paper based examination and Computer based On-line examination. Computer based testing fee for PMI members is 405 US$, while for non-members it is 555US$. Computer based exams will be at designated Prometric centers, PMI website will direct you to that site while you schedule the exam.

Eligibility for PMP

For Bachelor’s degree holders, minimum 3 years’ experience, with at least 4500 hours of project management experience and 35 Contact Hours of formal Project Management Education
For Diploma and Associate’s Degree, minimum 5 years’ experience, with at least 7500 hours of project management experience and 35 Contact Hours of formal Project Management Education

Path forward for PMP

  • First of all become PMI member.
  • Complete the 35 hours contact class. Different training companies are offering 35 hours contact class with different price tags.
  • Submit on-line PMP application, within 90 days of your application filling process.
  • Schedule the examination
  • Prepare a study plan
  • Study the PMBOK at least twice.
  • Use flash cards for the ITTO practice
  • Use formula guides for ready reference
  • Practice questions from at least two sources.
  • Practice full-exam, which is based on time based simulation tests.
  • Have systematic and effective study of minimum 2 hours a day.

One of the tricks and strong foundation in preparation is the selection of a 35 hour contact class, which is effective and will aid in your reading of the PMBOK.

It is widely told that when you are scoring consistently and above 75% in your practice sessions in all the five domains, you are ready for the examination. Lots of websites, forums, etc. are available, which will give you LL (Lessons Learned), Q & A, guidance, etc. So, what are you waiting for, go ahead and start preparing for the exam. All you have to do is give your best shot with confidence and by disciplined self-study using the economic plan.

So, if you want any kind of consultation for PMP exam or if you are looking for an accurate platform that can work for you as a one stop solution for your competitive PMP exam then simply visit us today!

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